Industry News


Propex Increases Geotextile Prices by 15%

Huesker Introduces Stabilenka® Woven Geotextile made from High-tenacity Polyester (PET) Yarn in the Warp Direction and Polyamide in the Weft Direction

Ben Loman Water (Tasmania) Acquires Catfish Mini Dredger for Desludging its Georgetown Waste Water Treatment Ponds

New Geomembrane Made with a Blend of Recycled Tire Rubber (Crumb Rubber) and Polyolefins Used to Line Irrigation Canals

Slurry Lagoon Lined with a Bituminous Geomembrane Liner

Geotextile Fabric Used as a Soil Reinforcement on Gorgon Project Marine Facilities Construction Project

Geotextile and GCL liner Required for Reedy Creek Landfill Project


Paper Describes Low Capital Cost Dewatering System Using Geotextile Bags and Outlines the Methods Used and Difficulties that Arose

An Investigation of Arching Mechanism of Geosynthetic Reinforced Column Supported Embankments (available for download)

Plastic Liners in Landfill: Why They Fail

New Standards

New Standard for Geogrid Tension Test Under Development by ASTM Geosynthetics Committee

ASTM Geosynthetics Committee Developing Proposed Standard for Factory Fabricated Geomembranes

Geotextile Tubes for Dredging & Dewatering Applications


Senior Geotechnical Engineer with Geosynthetics Experience wanted in Christchurch for Earthquake Rebuilding Works

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